It will only take sending or looking at just one text message to kill someone.  Don’t go through life with someone’s death on your head.

Why You Think You Can Safely Text and Drive

You may do it thousands of times without causing an accident.  This will give you a false sense of confidence that you’re a good enough driver to be able to text without having an accident.

The problem is that one day it may be the one time that something unexpected happened when you were distracted for just a second. Do you want to be the one who sends 10,000 texts while driving without an accident but is seriously injured or kills someone else on the 10,001 text?

Watch What Happens in the Time It Takes to Answer Your Cell Phone!

These moviegoers were told to leave their cell phones on

I wouldn’t let someone bother me in the middle of dinner or in the middle of a movie for something other than an emergency.  No one is that important.  Why let someone bother me while I’m driving? If they don’t want to wait until I get out of the car, they’re not worth my time.

Even, if you’re not the one who dies, do you really want to go through the rest of your life knowing you were responsible for causing someone else’s death and misery for their family? You could even spend years in prison!

Texting and Driving Can Result in Prison Time

If you know anyone who texts while driving, have them watch this video showing how an accident can be caused by driving while texting and the consequences. This teen driver was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison and convicted of homicide, a felony because of his last of only 4 texts.

Impaired Driving Infographic

This Driver Was Texting When He Crashed into the Back of the Bus

One of my fellow Auxiliary Police Officers was on the scene and told me this driver was texting


Texting While Walking

Watch some funny texting while walking accidents

This Device Can Prevent Teens from Texting While Driving

The Distracted Driving Device claims that it will prevent your teen (or yourself) from starting the car unless the cell phone is in the glove compartment. If the cell phone is removed from the glove compartment while driving, the account administrator is immediately notified.

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